Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I don't really know how it happened

But somehow all my good intentions with this blog just faded away like the mist on Lake Michigan. I'm wondering why I even started it in the first place, but that's just silly. I know that it came about from goddess talks and bikes, brunch and new friends, and all good things, and toast with jam. So I'm back. Ready to talk about some beautiful goddesses I spent last week with, my first time in New York City! and a whole heck of a lot of joy about the upcoming new year. Happy Hanukkah and Bon Appetit.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Must Have, Must Do, Must Feel

Well, it's summertime!
And lord if I know how to blog because it's been a few months. But in my defense, this is my first Midwest Summer. And it deserves time enjoyed and moments running through sprinklers after tacos and margaritas, and yes, I have done that and much more already, and it is only July 8th. Cheers to summer. Go have some fun already all you goddesses. Some things to inspire:
Sweaty knees
Summer butter! (on toast, with aforementioned tomatoes)
Red, white, and blueberries
Gin and Tonics
Pesto (used as a fine dip for tortilla chips or whatever you like)
Naps in the sun
Wearing only your doodoos
Veggies. all, day, long.
Honky tonk nights and early morning (really really early when it's 90 by ten, runs)

Sound good? I think so.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh my mother!

This is going to be a small post. Because the goddess I am writing about today is my mother. If I tried to say everything wonderful about her, I don't think I'd get my errands done today. And if anyone knows how important weekend errands are, it's her.

When I was a little kid, I really really wanted to play the flute. But my mother wasn't so into it. She told me I should play the violin. I like to say she forced me. And it did take a little kvetching and hemming and hawing to get me really into it. But of course, over the years, my fiddle became part of my soul and part of our family. And it wouldn't have if it wasn't for her.

And I wouldn't have a great Russian Yiddish accent that puts my mom in laughters stiches when I really get going. And I wouldn't have silly skinny legs or a deep love for Neil Young songs and reading astrology.

If we were together today we would go on a walk, sing some folk songs, cook a bunch of yummy organic stuff, argue, laugh, drink wine, and sing some more.

She is super cool. And I love her.

Happy Mothers Day to all the goddesses.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To bike is to Be

Well I finally got up my nerve and began commuting to work on my bike, Ruby! I have to admit that I was nervous, being that Chicago streets are not a piece of cake to navigate, but I am determined and I LOVE to bike, so there really was no choice. And now that the weather has turned and we are having 80 degree afternoons I figured there was really no excuse. So Monday morning I suited up. Pink skirt check, helmet check, tuned up Ruby check, and a smile. Check! I made it to the Loop in about 45 minutes from my door, about the same as taking the train, and much more fun. Coming home is even faster because I can book it and be part of the giant bike gang that is The Commuters. Mostly men, mostly in spandex, and mostly faster. But not all. Today I had a blast racing alongside the boys, making my passes, and proving that one can most definitely kick butt in a skirt. My new lovely Goddess Chicago friend Dottie, who writes part of an equally lovely biking blog, knows this too, and was my inspiration to keep up my sassy style while on my sassy bike.
I am so happy that I made the leap.
Be safe, and enjoy the road!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some things 'bout Chicago

Now I haven't lived in Chicago for very long, about 8 months and a few weeks...whoa, which actually seems pretty crazy... it feels like just yesterday I was running along the interurban trail in Bellingham, WA and having a Pilsner at Boundary Bay...but last night I did have a Pilsner, it just happened to be at Skylark's in Bridgeport, one of the 77 community areas of Chicago, on the South Side, bounded on the west and north by the Chicago river (thank you Wickipedia). This was not my first foray to Bridgeport, and I feel very lucky that I've already experienced parts of this windy city that many natives or longtime residents have never touched. This is mainly due to music and the people I've met while pursuing that lovely thing, and last weekend was just one of those times as I got to play with a lovely goddess Chris, of Judson Claiborne, at the NFX expo at The Benton House.

The Benton House is a non-profit organization that serves the Bridgeport community and is rich in history. It was founded in 1907 by Janett Sturges, and offered day care support for kids whose momma's worked in local factories. They were fed, looked after, and given basic medical care by the settlement house workers. By 1916 they began to offer classes and workshops, and as the years went by, it became a place for theatre and music and enrichment. After we played our set, a few of us sat around drinking PBR and looking at piles of old pictures from the archives. What amazing people they were, and what a wonderful thing still going on in this city, helping to build strong relationships and support this community. It might not be listed in your tour book to Chicago, and it might not be the Cultural Center or The Art Institute, but it is rich and fine. I can't wait to go back.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Well hello!

Today, on a rainy Chicago morning, I met some really lovely ladies for biking and brunch, all of whom have blogs. and after I came home and planted my herb garden, I decided to sit down and make something of myself. Here. In the blog world. My dear friend Emily, who is currently in Korea teaching and living and blogging, has always told me I should start a blog, and that she would read it. So Goddess Em, this one's for you. And if I can figure out how to use this thing, I'll put up a link to your fantastic blog TeachTravelPlay and talk about how much I dig it.

And now it seems fitting to talk about one of my most favorite goddesses as my first post. Maybe I'll start a theme and have Goddess of The Week*! That sounds fun. And very structured, another thing I like, along with ginger tea and red wine. Hoo boy, let the fun begin!

* Goddess of April 25th 2010: Emily. is. among many things, a vibrant ray of light. She runs and cooks and runs after neighborhood kids, and knows more about flowers and Italy then I ever will, and she is really good at getting people to volunteer. She has also eaten live Octopus and is still my friend after I burned the birthday cake she made for me. She loves doing wild and crazy things, has an affinity for greek yogurt, and the some damn gorgeous dimples. What a cool one.