Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh my mother!

This is going to be a small post. Because the goddess I am writing about today is my mother. If I tried to say everything wonderful about her, I don't think I'd get my errands done today. And if anyone knows how important weekend errands are, it's her.

When I was a little kid, I really really wanted to play the flute. But my mother wasn't so into it. She told me I should play the violin. I like to say she forced me. And it did take a little kvetching and hemming and hawing to get me really into it. But of course, over the years, my fiddle became part of my soul and part of our family. And it wouldn't have if it wasn't for her.

And I wouldn't have a great Russian Yiddish accent that puts my mom in laughters stiches when I really get going. And I wouldn't have silly skinny legs or a deep love for Neil Young songs and reading astrology.

If we were together today we would go on a walk, sing some folk songs, cook a bunch of yummy organic stuff, argue, laugh, drink wine, and sing some more.

She is super cool. And I love her.

Happy Mothers Day to all the goddesses.

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